Eco Friendly Initiatives- LEED Friendly Faucets and Toilets

March 31, 2010 at 1:58 pm 1 comment

As we move further into 2010, we’re continuing to find other ways to be Eco-Friendly. As almost all of our products use water we’re committed to helping you help the environment. A bath tub won’t be much use if we’re all on water rationing. So we’re highlighting what we can do to help you.

Recently, we outfitted a builder with a ton of fixtures recently for a LEED project. LEED stands for Leadership and Excellence in Environmental Design and is one of the primary authorities on environmentally friendly construction. Our client wanted water efficient fixtures at a low price and we were happy to assist in promoting low-flow toilets like the Toto Aquia and properly aerated faucets such as this PlumbTile mixer.

LEED isn’t just using water efficient toilets and faucets. They also evaluate how things are constructed, including waste disposal. Work sites that recycle their waste materials will get a much higher LEED rating than ones who dump them. Other sites may reduce their waste, and get even higher marks. It’s not just one aspect of building; it’s all inclusive.

However, the aspect we can help out the most on is saving water. Water Districts in California have recently been handing out Water $mart rebates, and the least we can do is point out the best products

Toto has been in the water saving business years before anyone else. Their latest innovation is the dual flush toilet- it has low and high capacity flushes depending on what you need. The larger flush mode already uses very little water, and compensates for it with high pressure angled flushes. This brand also has the most models that are compatible with the Water $mart rebates and are a choice appliance in LEED constructions worldwide.

Kohler is another leader in water efficiency. They recently won the 2009 Watersense Partner of the Year Award. Kohler also takes a strong step outside of traditional toilet design on many models, adding a squared of sense of modernism to many of their models.

Another brand of note is American Standard, which has positioned itself on the cutting edge of visual and environmental design (they are also a Watersense partner). American Standard incorporates oversized flush valves so that even though less water is being used, it is pushed out more forcefully to ensure a clean flush.

Aerated faucets are another key way to save water when you use it. Plumbtile‘s own brand of fixtures features the latest integrated aerator heads in our main line of faucets. The integrated design maximizes efficiency over an installed aerator after the point of manufacture.

Remember to check all available specifications of whichever fixture you’re interested in. Not only should the water output be low, but it needs to be effective as well. What good is a toilet with a low flow flush if you flush three times as normal? Look at the user reviews of our products on the PlumbTile site to help inform your decisions.

You can find all of these products and more at

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